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2018 Womens Match Play

Womens Match Play - Begins July 1st, 2018
MUST Sign-up by June 30, 2018

Open to Members and Non-Members
2 Flights of 8 Players
Sign-up by calling the Golf Shop

Eligibility All participants must be members of AGL and hold a current and valid GHIN card, as this is a net competition.
If there is enough interest, a second non-member division may be created, still requiring a valid and current GHIN
Entry Fee Cost to participate is $5 per person
Sign Up By Sign up and pay Doug Ruttle by Thursday, July 1, 2018
Tee Boxes Women will play from the RED TEES.
Format This is a single elimination tournament. Competitors will be seeded based on handicap to start. The winner of each match continues. The loser is done. See Match Play Event Description for additional detail.
Seeding The order of players will be seeded by handicap. See Match Play Event Description for additional detail.
Timing Players will be given 2 weeks to complete each round of play. Changes to the schedule must be approved by Doug Ruttle.
Byes If the number of players is not a power of 2 (8, 16, etc.), the lowest handicap players will get a bye from the first round.
The Title The title for Women’s Match Play Club Champion belongs to she who wins all of her matches.  The winner’s name and picture will appear on the Women’s Match Play Plaque until the next Match Play Champion is titled.
Prizes Pro shop credit will be awarded to the first and second place winners. Winner takes 75%. Second takes 25%.
Playing Conditions If needed, the Local Rules may be amended to accommodate unusual playing conditions due to unexpected weather events.
Tie Breaker There are no ties. If after 18 holes there is no winner, the match will continue on to the first hole on a sudden death basis, ending when one competitor wins a hole.   
Handicaps On the date of the match, handicaps will be obtained. The players are responsible for “dotting” their cards. The higher handicap player gets strokes on the hardest holes based on the difference between the two players handicaps.
Rules of Golf USGA and Local Rules Apply. See Local Rule Sheet on day of tournament.
Minimum Number of Entrants There must be a minimum of four persons in each division.
Event Description
Match Play is a single elimination tournament played over an extended period of time. It is expected that there will a “power of 2” players (4, 8, 16, etc.). In each round, a match occurs between two players. The winner of the match continues on to the next round. The winner of the event, is the person who survives all rounds. Thus the number of players in each successive round is halved. The final match is between two players, the winner of which is the Match Play Champion.
Match play differs from stroke play in that the scoring is based on the number of holes that are won during the round as opposed to the number of strokes accumulated. As a result, the number of strokes it takes to win a hole becomes virtually irrelevant. In effect, this type of play can be viewed as a series of 18 separate games within a round.
Scoring System
In match play, the player with the lowest total Net score for the hole wins the hole and is awarded a point. In the event of a tie, each is awarded a half-point, meaning the hole is “halved.” At the end of the round, the player or team with the most points is declared the winner.
Match play has its own distinct terminology. At any point during the round, when the score is tied, it is said to be “all square.” If one player has a two-hole lead, it is stated as being “2 up.” If the number by which a player is ahead matches the number of holes remaining, the leading player is said to be “dormie.” The final score is stated as a function of the margin of victory. For example, if one player has a four-hole lead after 16 holes, it means there is no way the other player can win and the match is over. The final score is stated and “4 and 2,” meaning the winner had a four-hole lead with only two holes remaining.
Scoring using handicaps
Scoring match play using handicaps is not done exactly the same way it is done in a stroke play event. In 18-hole stroke play where Player A is a 10 handicap and Player B is a 19 handicap, Player A gets one stroke off his score on the ten “hardest” holes (by handicap rating on scorecard); Player B gets two strokes off his score on the hardest hole and one stroke off on the other 17.
In match play, Player A would play as "scratch" (zero handicap) and Player B would get one stroke off his score on the nine (19-10) hardest holes. In other words, the 10 handicap becomes zero and the 19 handicap becomes nine.
Seeding the Match
If the draw for a match play tournament is based on seeds, the top-rated golfer should be placed atop the draw and open against the lowest-ranking qualifier. The second-ranked golfer should start against the second-lowest qualifier, and be placed at the bottom of the draw. That way, if both advance as expected, they won’t meet until the final. In an 8-person field, the top seed would play the winner of the match between the 4 and 5 seeds in the semifinals, with the No. 2 meeting the 3-6 winner.
16 Player Seeding. Note that if number of players is not a power of 2, then the lowest handicap players “win” their “match,” and move to the next round, because they are un-opposed. These players get “byes.” Byes could be randomly selected. Or, if no byes allowed, the number of players must be a power of 2.
2018 AGL Women's Match Play Champion
On August 11, 2018
Final Match
Linda Roberts def. Jacky Hill
Final Match Results 4 &3
Congratulations Linda!

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