Alburg Golf Links
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Men's League

2020 Men's League
We will have information very soon about our first event.
Watch this space.

You do not need to be a Seaon Pass Holder at AGL to play in the Men's League.
Everyone is Welcome to play!


6′ Social Distancing must be practiced at all times. Spread Out, near your team please..
– Cups have been inverted so your ball only goes in 1” for easy retrieval! Please do not touch the flag stick!
– Do not share equipment.
– Rakes & Ball Washers have been removed. Use your Foot or a Club to smooth surface.
– No hand shakes or High Fives!

Be Healthy, Be Safe, Stay 6′ Apart!

 802-796-3586 Ext 2
Quota points is a game where you are playing against your own past performances to see if you can out-perform them, here’s how it works. Points are scored for your performance, bogey = 1 point, par = 2 points, birdie = 4 points, eagle = 6 points. Charles announces that he is an 18 handicap on the first day of league. A zero handicapper would have a quota of 36 points, 2points for par x 18 holes = 36. So for Charles to match his quota he must get 18 points (36-18=18). Charles goes out to play and bogeys every hole but one and birdies that one. Charles has earned 21 points (17+4) so he is +3 to his 18 point quota. Because Charles is + to his quota, he knows he’s in the money now, he just doesn’t know how many others are + to their points until everyone comes in and the results are tabulated. In this case there is $30 in the pot and Charles is the only one who is + to his points, so Charles wins the pot! Next week, because Charles was +3 to his quota, his new target is +19, or one point higher (see rules below).
Tuesday mornings beginning mid-May through mid-September, tee off times vary between 7:30am-8:30am, see club board for details each week. Please arrive at least 10mins early.
Open To:
All are welcome including members, smart card holders, and guests. Please see the pro shop for the prices on golf/carts if you are not a member. Carts are optional.
Entry Fee: $5 per person (ALL Prizes paid in Golf Shop Credit Merchandise Only)
Reduced Greens-Fees for Non-Members
Please add your name to the sign-up sheet on the board just outside the pro shop or call the pro shop and ask that they sign you up. Please sign up at least 24hrs prior to the event. The event coordinators cannot guarantee your inclusion in the event if you sign up any later.
- Only players that are + to their quota receive awards as pro shop credit.
- There are no tiebreakers; all ties that are + to their quota receive the same amount.
-  100% of the entry fee total is awarded as pro shop credit. (ALL Prizes paid in Golf Shop Credit Merchandise Only)
-  Payout amounts depend on participation.
The format is stroke play but you may pick up your ball if you are over bogey to speed play. If you pick up please enter your ‘most likely’ score (see section 4-1 of the USGA handicap manual) so that you are able to enter a score into the ghin system. If you are not a ghin member please consider becoming one.
  • Men may play from whatever tee they choose but you must remain on that tee to fully compete. If you choose to change tees there will be a 3 week period where you are limited to +2 maximum.
  • For every +2 performance, we will add 1 stroke to your next week quota. If you shoot +4, you get 2 strokes more, +6 gets 3 strokes more, and so on.
  • For every performance - 4 or lower your quota will reduce next week by 1 point.
  • No gimme putts. The ball must be holed out.
  • All shots in the fairway can be rolled into a preferred lie within one club length no closer to the hole.
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