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Men's Thursday TwiLight League

Great Job Ed!
Thursday June 7, 2018
Format: 2-Best Ball / Blind Partners

1st Place Team / Team Score 64
David Anderson      $15.00   
Neil Fitzpatrick        $15.00

2nd Place Team / Team Score 65
Brett Kane              $9.00    
Karl Rasl                $9.00

3rd Place Team / Team Score 66
Peter Bennett          $6.00    
Ed Murphy               $6.00

Bruce Viani              Team Score 67
Pete Jacques

Mike Gove               Team Score 68
Ken Fitzpatrick

Thom Rothfuss        Team Score 74
James O'Neill
(All Prizes paid in Golf Shop Credit/Stop by to pick up yours!)
Please Sign-up well in advance for
Next Thursday,
It's going to be a Great Summer!

Men's Thursday Twilight Golf League

This is a casual 9-hole league playing traditional games such as Best Ball Net, Random Partners, and other typical league games. The goal is to shotgun start but we assure we do not interfere with people on the course. Details will be discussed prior to tee off.
Thursday afternoons from June through mid-September. Tee off time is typically 5:30pm, but see club board to be sure for each week. Please arrive at least 10mins early to allow for the draw.
Open To:
All are welcome including members, smart card holders, and guests. Non-Members please see the pro shop for the prices on golf/carts. Motorized carts are optional.
Entry Fee: $5 per person
Please add your name to the sign-up sheet on the board just outside the pro shop or call the pro shop and ask that they sign you up. Please sign up at least 24hrs prior to the event. The event coordinators cannot guarantee your inclusion in the event if you sign up any later.
  • Awards are based on participation. The goal is to award the top 1/3rd of the participants.
  • Tiebreakers will be broken by a match of the cards starting with the lowest handicap hole.
  • 100% of the entry fees collected will be awarded as pro shop credit.
Lowest net scores will typical be the goal of the games. Format will generally be stroke play, but may sometimes be changed depending on the type of game. For instance we might do a team scramble one week. Please pick up your ball if you are over the strokes you are allowed per the ESC (equitable stroke control) guidelines to help speed play and enter your “most likely score” as prescribed by the scoring rules. If you are not familiar with the “most likely score” please ask
  • Men may play from whatever tee they choose. Section 3-5 of the USGA handicap manual will be taken into account if there is not enough participation to have divisional play.
  • Those without ghincards will start with a 15 handicap. Your twilight league performances will determine your twilight league handicap from there.
  • No gimme putts. The ball must be holed out.
  • All shots in the fairway of the hole you are playing can be marked, cleaned, and placed into a preferred lie within one club length no closer to the hole. All others shots must be played as they lie.
CONTACT / Sign-up:
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