Friday Night Mixed Scramble

Friday Night Mixed Scramble Every Friday Evening!

Tee-time is 5:00PM / Please Sign-up by 2:00PM to reserve a spot!

Golf Shop  802-796-3586 Ext 2

We’ll see you at the Links next Friday!

Reduced Greens-fees apply for Friday Night Scramble
Golf Carts are Additional / Prizes awarded to all Winners / Golf Shop Credit toward Golf Merchandise


Results for FRIDAY June 11, 2021

 1st Place  $10.00 Per Player (-2 )

Sean Dumas

Kevin Marchand

David Rousselle


2nd Place $6.66 Per Player (-1 )

Luke Bazin

Rich McVicker

Bob Pequignot


3rd Place 

PJ Marchand

Diane Bazin

John Lombardi

Donald Boutah Jr


Results for FRIDAY June 4, 2021

 1st Place  $10.00 Per Player (-1)

Shawn Dumas

Earl Poquette

Donald Boutah Jr

2nd Place $6.66 Per Player (E)

Sean Duffy

Wally Good

John Chesarek 

Wally Good

3rd Place (+2)

Marsha Rothfuss

Kim Chesarek

Thom Rothfuss

Jason Fontain

 Event Description
This is a 9 hole random pick scramble each Friday night. Players are separated into 4 categories based on skill level (A,B,C,D). Typically skill level is assessed by handicap, but the Event Coordinator and the PGA Golf Professional reserve the right to judge skill level when appropriate or necessary. One person per skill category is randomly selected to form a 4 person team. That team is placed randomly on a starting hole and plays a 9 hole scramble (see Format below) turning in their score card to the event coordinator or pro shop at the end of their round.

Each person hits their drive. The “best shot” is then selected by either team consensus or by the team captain. The other three balls are picked up and then each member of the team takes their next shot from the position of that “best shot”. The process is repeated until the ball is holed out.

Friday nights run mid-May through mid-September. Tee off is usually at 5pm but check each week for the exact time. Please arrive at least 15mins early, to register with Golf Shop, and to allow the event coordinatoor to take attendance and draw the teams.

Open To / Fees
All are welcome to ALL!

2021 Season Pass Holders, Reward Card holders, and Guests (Special Greens Fees will apply).
The use of motorized carts is optional (Additional).

Entry Fee: $5 per person

Make sure to CALL or add your name to the sign-up sheet on the board just outside the pro shop. EMAIL:
Sign up at least 24hrs prior to the event. The event coordinators cannot guarantee your inclusion in the event if you sign up any later. PLEASE Call by 2:00PM each Friday to give time for pairings to be completed.


100% of the entry fee total is awarded as pro shop credit. Lowest score wins. Payout is as follows:

  • Total of  5 teams or less  pays 2 places 60%- 40%
  • Total of 6/7 teams pays 3 places 50%-30%-20%
  • Total of 8 teams or more pays 4 places 40%-30%-20%-10%
  • Total of 10 Teams or more pays 5 places 30%-25%-20%-15%-10%

Tiebreakers: Ties are broken by a match of cards using the hole handicaps. If scorecards are identical for the teams that are tied, the tie stands. Ties will be paid/split equally.


  • Any Male of 70 Years of Age may play “Gold” Tees
  • All other men play from the white tees.
  • All ladies play from red tees.
  • 3 drives maximum per person.
  • No gimme putts. The ball must be holed out.
  • All shots between the tee box and green can be picked, cleaned and placed within one club length no closer to the hole but cannot be “improved” any further. Examples of further improvement include moving from the rough to the fairway, moving from the sand to out of the sand, moving from the fringe to the green, and all other like examples.
  • Prior to putting, the “best shot” selected must be marked either left or right of it’s position so as not to interfere with putting. All players must then place their ball as close as possible to the original position prior to putting. Ball marks, spike marks, or any other abnormality in the line of the putt can be repaired, but there is no ‘relief’, the ball cannot be moved, from the line of the putt.
  • Please see page 2 for special instructions for 3 and 5 person teams

Special instructions for 3 and 5 person teams
In cases where the amount of participants does not allow all teams to be of 4 persons, 3 and 5 person teams must sometimes be created. In these cases there are special rules that 3 and 5 person teams must follow. 

3 person teams:

  • 3 Person teams will be created so that there is always a high and low skilled player on the team
  • All 3 players hit their drives, but not more than 4 drives for any one person
  • A 3 person team will be allowed a 4th shot on all holes
  • All 3 person teams must add their names as they appear on the white board to their scorecard. The names in this order will be the rotation that the team follows to take their 4th shot.
  • The 4th shot is performed on the hole played first by the 1st name on the card. The 4th shot is performed on the hole played next by the 2nd name on the card. The 4th shot is performed on the hole played next by the 3rd name on the card. The rotation begins again on the next hole.    

5 person teams (Updated 2/18/2021/PGA Professional Prefers 3-somes)

  • The 5-Some Team MUST Decide Which four (4) Players WILL Hit the Tee Shot on First Hole of Play.
  • The Team WILL Rotate the Tee Shots throughout the round, as to give everyone an opportunity to hit from the tee.
  • A 5-Some MAY TAKE FOUR (4) SHOTS PER HITTING ROTATION ONLY! One Player MUST “Sit-Out” the Rotation, and Players MUST Take Turns in doing so, following the order of names on Team Scorecard as a guide.
  • Putting is considered any shot with any club taken on the green. If your ball is on the apron or fringe of the green, you are not putting even if you use your putter to perform the shot.
  • All 5-Somes must add their names as they appear on the white board to their scorecard. The names in this order will be the rotation that the team follows to determine who will sit out EACH Rotation on the Holes Played.
  • Example: The 1st name on the card will be the person who sits out the Tee-Shot on the 1st hole played. The Rotation of Sitting-Out  of Shots begins from that point.
  • The player sitting out cannot help the other 4 who are putting in any way. This includes reading the putt, practice putting, rolling a ball, and any other forms of assistance.